Cloud Donate was developed by Jim Evans, who has been working with nonprofit technology for almost two decades. He was inspired to build a crowdfunding platform that would allow users to take advantage of new and emerging technologies and easily share a cause or idea they are looking to fund.

Jim learned the ropes about nonprofits and their use of technology during the dawn of online donations in 1997 when he joined Blackbaud, the leading supplier of software and services specifically designed for nonprofit organizations. During that time Jim got to work with a wide range of nonprofits all across North America.

After that position, Jim learned the detailed framework of cloud technology, obtaining a degree in network systems management then going on to complete a master’s degree in philanthropy and development. Jim’s master’s program research, How can search engine marketing techniques enhance a nonprofit's online visibility, led him deeper into the use of emerging Internet technologies that can be leveraged to help fund worthy causes.

The Cloud Donate platform was heavily influenced by Jim’s master’s research and didn’t overlook integration with Google Analytics. If you’re brand new to Google Analytics or a seasoned expert, you will appreciate the information it reveals about your campaign. Each individual campaign can add a unique Google Analytics tracking ID that will allow insight into a multitude of analytical data about the people who have viewed your campaign. To get you going, we supply one dashboard that will show what city, state, country, and social media website your campaign visitors are coming from. Understanding a campaign’s analytical data can help you send updates that better engage the people who support or follow you. 

Cloud Donate pairs the best features of crowdfunding with the quick deployment and scalability of cloud computing. This allows an online fundraising campaign to be quickly created, launched, and then shared. Each campaign can scale in size to accommodate a vast number of donations if your campaign goes viral, and hopefully it does! 

A clear-cut advantage of Cloud Donate is that it can be used on any mobile device as nowadays they are often people’s primary device to connect to the Internet.

In 2008, knowing that nonprofits would eventually leverage cloud technology, Jim purchased a number of domains to one day develop a Cloud Fundraising platform: CloudFundraising.comCloudDonate.comCloudGive.com and CloudGift.com

Today the Cloud Donate platform has been realized at CloudDonate.com and all these domains point to CloudDonate.com