Why Choose Cloud Donate?

Welcome to Cloud Donate a new cloud based fundraising platform designed for 

CrowdFunding in the Cloud


Cloud Donate pairs the best features of crowdfunding with the quick deployment and scalability of cloud computing. This allows an online fundraising campaign to be quickly created, launched, and then shared. Each campaign can scale in size to accommodate a vast number of donations if your campaign goes viral, and hopefully it does! 


At Cloud Donate, raising money for a worthy cause or idea just got easier. Do you need to raise funds for:


  • * Emergencies

  • * A memorial for a friend or family member

  • * Medical or legal bills

  • * Or maybe you want to fund the next Bluetooth coffee mug and offer perks to your supporters?


At Cloud Donate you can! 


One of the main reasons people choose CloudDonate.com is our Crowdfunding Campaign Management services. Don't have the time or bandwidth to create and manage your own campaign we can help.


Unfortunately, just creating an online campaign is not enough to get funded. Fundraising is about engaging your donors. At Cloud Donate we understood this and integrated our platform with numerous tools to help engage supporters and cultivate a successful campaign. 


Some tools needed to engage supporters are a compelling story, photos, or better yet video. With our cloud-based storage, you can upload a sizeable gallery of pictures or documents to help get your message across.

Additionally, a campaign needs many shares on social media and frequent campaign updates to be successful. Cloud Donate provides direct links to multiple social media platforms and widgets that will link back to your campaign. 


A clear-cut advantage of Cloud Donate is that it can be used on any mobile device as nowadays they are often people’s primary and sometimes only connection to the Internet. So whether you are viewing on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone Cloud Donate has been customized for ease of use. 


Cloud Donate is highly integrated with FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Your contributors can easily sign in to your campaign using these social media platforms. No need to create another account and password. We make it easy to give! 


Cloud Donate also links each individual campaign with Google Analytics to let you view data about campaign visitors. We supply one dashboard to get you going that will show what city, state, country, and social media website your campaign visitors are coming from. Understanding a campaign's analytical data can help you send updates that better engage the people who support or follow you.