What is Cloud Donate?

Cloud Donate can be used to raise funds for a cause or an idea / project 

Cloud Donate raising funds for an idea or project with Perks


Cloud Donate is a crowdfunding website that lets users raise funds for a cause they support.


Besides charitable or other causes, Cloud Donate can also be used to raise funds for an idea or project and distribute perks to donors. This is a great way to use the Fixed or Inelastic funding model where all of your donations are refunded if you don't hit your goal.


With a fundraising project, you will often give out perks to people who make a donation. Say, for instance, you want to raise $50,000 to produce a Bluetooth coffee mug. For different levels of support you can offer perks which could be a single coffee mug for a donation of $50 or a set of coffee mugs for a donation of $100. You get the picture. Your perks are based on funding levels that you create, and you are required to distribute them if your campaign is successful.


But remember, if you are using Fixed (Inelastic) campaign funding, then your donations will all be refunded unless you hit your goal. This encourages people to set reasonable goals and also promote their campaigns.