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Consulting Firm Launches Crowdfunding Site Designed to Compete with Industry Giants 


Charleston, SC, May 19, 2015 — From technology hotbed some refer to as “Silicon Harbor,” the Charleston-based consulting firm Bradford Consulting Group, LLC has announced the launch of crowdfunding site, a challenger to fundraiser industry behemoths GoFundMe and Kickstarter.  Cloud Donate combines the best features of its two main competitors and even takes things a step further, offering several unique features unsurpassed by any fundraising website competitor.

"Cloud Donate pairs the best features of crowdfunding with the quick deployment and scalability of cloud computing,” explained Jim Evans, Principal Consultant for Bradford Consulting.  “This allows an online fundraising campaign to be quickly created, launched and then shared. Each campaign can scale in size to accommodate a vast number of donations if your campaign goes viral, which it hopefully does!"  Part of the key to Cloud Donate’s success is the fashion by which it makes use of and integrates Google Analytics Tracking ID technology directly into each crowdfunding campaign.  The addition of the Google Analytics ID will allow insight into a multitude of analytical data about the people that have viewed your campaign.  

According to Evans, whose own Masters research was crucial in the development of Cloud Donate’s specific approach to crowdfunding, “we supply one dashboard to get you going that will show what city, state, country and social media website your campaign visitors are coming from.”  This novel approach to mixing fundraising with technology is unique in current crowdfunding websites and gives the campaign creator a powerful tool in the process of raising funds.  “Understanding a campaign’s analytical data can help you send updates that better engage the people that support or follow you.”  

Cloud Donate also offers cloud-based storage for a fundraising campaign’s photos, files, videos that make social crowdfunding successful.  In addition, Cloud Donate provides direct links to multiple social media platforms and widgets that will link back to your campaign.  “Unfortunately just creating an online campaign is not enough to get funded. Fundraising is about engaging your donors.  At Cloud Donate we understood this and integrated our platform with numerous tools to help engage supporters and cultivate a successful campaign.”

After years of planning, Evans and Bradford Consulting Group are finally ready to launch Cloud Donate.  While a small fee is applied after funds are raised, there is no cost to start a crowdfunding campaign.  Evans is hopeful about early traffic to  “We hope our users will see just how useful this website is and keep coming back again and again.”  Support will be in place to assist new users with all of their crowdfunding needs.

Jim Evans is the founder of Bradford Consulting Group LLC, a Charleston-based consulting firm specializing in fundraising technology, staff training and database consulting.  Traditionally focused on helping hundreds of nonprofit and other clients meet their database efficiency needs, Bradford Consulting now deploys its custom Cloud Donate technology to assist crowdfunding efforts through the powerful use of data.