Crowdfunding Management



The main reason to select as your crowdfunding platform is our crowdfunding campaign management services. If you have a viable campaign let us handle all the promotion and management. We want you to succeed!


Don’t have the time or bandwidth to manage a campaign yourself? That is what we are here for. Our extensive research into crowdfunding, search engine marketing and online fundraising led us to develop specific strategies and a formula for success.


Crowdfunding campaigns have a lot of moving parts and many of them need to be started way before a campaign goes live. We can help with the timeline and strategic planning to make sure that you are on track and ultimately successful.


We are able to assist or fully complete prelaunch, launch and post launch campaign activities.


We can help with the following to ensure a successful campaign: strategic planning, content creation, pitch development, video creation, marketing, campaign management, press release and media outreach, social media updates, Google analytics and Facebook and Twitter advertisements. We have the resources to handle every aspect of a crowdfunding campaign to ensure your success.