What is crowdfunding?

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, here is a definition of crowdfunding, or what the team at Cloud Donate likes to call CloudFundraising!



The practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

Do you recommend connecting with Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn?

Yes, we do!  Most of your contributors will find you via social media. To spread the word about your campaign you will want to share your campaign, on all the social media platforms you are connected with. Of course, you may edit the privacy settings of your Facebook account to control what your guests see.

As a bonus Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn members can quickly sign into Cloud Donate using the site credentials already created on those websites. This is a huge time saver as they won't have to create another account and remember another password.

What size images do I need to begin a campaign or project?

Images need to be 600 x 300 pixels and in one of these formats: PNG, JPG, or GIF

If you need to resize some images, a website to use is picresize.com


How do I set up Google Analytics?

Every campaign at Cloud Donate has the ability to add a unique Google Analytics UA Account ID. This can be added on Step 2 of setting up your campaign. You can always go back and add this UA tracking number at a later time. You will want to see the reports and dashboards it can produce regarding your campaign's visitors. We included a sample below!

You will add your UA code to this section of Step 2

Here is a link to sign up for your free Google Analytics Account:


Once you sign up for free, here is a link to find your UA ID. It will look something like this: EX UA-000000-0


The team at Cloud Donate has created your first dashboard for you called:
"Social Media Dashboard and Campaign Visitor Location" To download this dashboard, click the following link:


When you click on the above link you will need to sign into your Google Analytics account, then you will be presented with the following dashboard on all your campaign visitors:

For more information here is a direct link to the Google Analytics Help Center:


Can I attach a video to my campaign or project?

Yes, absolutely! You can attach a YouTube or Vimeo video. Campaigns and projects with a video are funded much faster than ones without. So what are you waiting for? Start producing a video!

What is a Fixed vs. Flexible Campaign Funding?


Fixed (Inelastic) Campaign Funding 

Contributions are refunded if you don't meet your goal. 
Good if your project can't happen unless you reach your goal.


Flexible (Elastic) Campaign Funding

Keep the funds you raise, even if you don’t reach your goal. 

Good if your project can use whatever amount of funds you can raise.


Cloud Donate charges a higher percentage rate for campaigns that don't hit their goal. This encourages people to set reasonable goals and also promote their campaigns. Many contributors want to help a campaign on the verge of being funded. In our advanced search option, there is a function to search for campaigns based on what percentage they are funded. 


Do I need a PayPal account to get funded?

Yes. You will need a PayPal account in the last step of creating your campaign. This is the account PayPal will transfer the funds to when milestones are reached. To link your PayPal account you will need the email address associated with the account and the exact first and last name.

So what are you waiting for? A PayPal account is free and easy to set up!

Why does PayPal refer to my donation as a Preapproved Payments (using the plural)?

It is important to note that PayPal will refer to your donation as a Preapproved Payments (using the plural) even if making a single one time donation.


Crowdfunding describes a business model where project owners raise funds by holding campaigns that solicit contributions from large numbers of stakeholders. Online crowdfunding campaigns are an increasingly popular way to raise funds, due in part to the surge in social media broadcasting.


PayPal is a proven and trusted name in transaction processing, and customers who contribute through crowdfunding campaigns understand PayPal to be a secure payment method.


CloudDonate.com uses PayPal Adaptive Payments to process donations using two separate funding models. Elastic (Flexible) and Inelastic (Fixed) campaigns models are funded based on the campaign goal being reached. One of our funding models (Inelastic) refunds all payments if the goal is not reached.


The funding model for each specific campaign is listed below the campaign owner on the main campaign page. CloudDonate.com lists the specific fees associated with crowdfunding campaigns on its fees page.


Inelastic (Fixed) funding campaigns only process the donation IF the campaign hits the goal otherwise all payments are refunded.

Elastic (Flexible) campaigns process all donations if the goal is met or not.


It is important to note that PayPal will refer to your donation as a Preapproved Payments (Using the plural) even if making a single one time donation.

What is a Perk?

A perk or reward is something that you can offer to your donors when they support your project. They are normally not associated with a charitable campaign.

A perk is normally a part of a Fixed (Inelastic) campaign which refunds all donations if your goal is not achieved. A Fixed (Inelastic) project is usually created to try and fund an idea or project that someone is looking to produce. We like to use a Bluetooth coffee mug as a project example. The ability to offer perks or rewards at different funding levels is a great way to connect and thank your supporters. However, it is the responsibility of the project creator to distribute any perks. Cloud Donate does not get involved in that process.

What about Taxes?

All taxes are the responsibility of the project or campaign creator. Cloud Donate recommends seeking advice from a qualified tax professional.

Are all campaigns approved?

Each campaign goes through a review process by the team at Cloud Donate. In some cases we may reject a campaign if it conflicts with our terms of service. But our review process is fast, so your campaign can get started and you can get funded!